School Picnic

Wave Pool with 2 Mushroom Umbrella
Complimentary : “Brand New Dashing Car” Magic Show, Movie, Disco & Popcorn (Free)
Above all 4 Multi Lane slides, Big Water Fall, Big Rain Dance with Open Air Music. 4 Swimming Pools, Mushroom Umbrella & 16 Water Sliders, In Amusement Park we have 1 Electronic Train for K.G. TO Std./ 4TH Student.

Menu (Unlimited)

Breakfast : Idli, Chutney, Sambar & Veg. Upma.

Lunch : Pavbhaji, Chole Puri, Steam Rice, Dalfry, Shrikhand

Evening : Ice Cream

Kindly note

All the payment will be made in cash at the time of check-in. Tour operator and school staff is fully responsible for taking care for the child through-out The Picnic, child should bring with them nylon change wear for the water park Teacher should wear nylon costumes of Indian style in the water park failing to bring With them, they have to get the costumes on rent, which will be given at a discount rate Deposit will be charged & will be refunded after requiring the costumes Travel Agent & school teacher & admin-staff is fully responsible for the upkeep for the child during the course of the picnic.

For Booking Enquiry Please contact :

Mr. Rajkumar: 9029129174 / 9702052074